Brand New! He's and She's a Labrador Retriever Mugs

Posted by Jim Morrison on

These mugs are stunning in their simplicity, and bring out the beautiful soul of your favorite breed... The Labrador Retriever!

Having one of these beautiful dogs is a blessing and a challenge at the sme time, they tug at your hearty strings and lay waste to your favorite pillow - but one look in those soulful eyes and you can't help but be smitten by their charms.

But, as with many dogs, when you are enjoying them most, someone will pipe up with the "What Kind Of Dog Is That?" and when you clearly answer them, you get back "A What?".  This mug celebrates that moment in a most stunning way.

As hunting dogs, they are cherished for their hard work and determination, as well as their devotion to their masters. As a family dog they are protective and loving, happy to share their sofa with you and willing to let you have a small part of their bed, as long as you don't take all of the pillows.

Here's to the loving soul and playful manners of this world class dog - raise a cup of warm cider, hot tea, or strong coffee in your own "We're Not A What, We're Labrador Retriever" mugs... or just set them on the mantle and enjoy the beauty of this piece of art.

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