New Neck Gaiter from Overland Dog!

Posted by Nancy Morrison on

Overland Neck GaiterCheck out Overland Dog's new Neck Gaiter!  

When you are out and about, away from the outdoors that you love so much - you need to bring a little bit of the Overland world with you, and you need to keep your self safe in these times of worldwide viral events.

But why just throw any mask on, why not take this chance to bring style to your wardrobe as well. We've also added a little bit of whimsey with the joyful logo of Overland Dog showing it's joyful look right out front.

The wilds of Colorado are known for there rugged beauty, and the versatile hunting dogs from Hungary fit right in here.

The color on this gaiter, with the snow covered mountains, the gorgeous lake and the stunning red of the Vizsla will make you a standout wherever you are - THIS is a great neck gaiter!

You've all asked for more, "outdoors style" on some of our products... and here you go!




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