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We've been super busy here at Overland Dog, and all of you are going to reap the benefits.

New products from Overland Dog

From all new products to a revamping of our original line of products, we have brought new T-Shirts, Mugs and Masks to our line - all featuring all of our favorite sporting dogs and a style that we are so proud to show off to the world.

In this world that we are living in now, a mask, or face covering, is a must in many places - not just for your safety, but the safety of others. While we would all like to not have to wear a face covering, if we must... then we want to have some style... Vizsla Style!

Vizsla Gaiter with White BackgroundFrom the whimsical to the hyper excited, our puppies are a huge part of our lives, so why not have them with you at all times - These gaiters are soft and beautiful, covering your mouth and nose  when needed, or used in so many ways to enhance your look. Just wash and air dry and they are ready to go at a moments notice.

Overland Dog is also offering a clean black simple face mask that fits right, looks right and even more importantly is affordable and washable. Why pay $30 dollars for 50 disposable masks that frankly look like a maxi pad on your face. Our new masks are 18.99 for 3 masks that are fully washable 50 times - so that works out to less than $20 for 150+ uses, instead of $30 for 50 uses - this just makes sense if you need a little black mask to match your little black dress... or any other look you can think of.


We will cover our mugs and shirts in the next couple of posts - we are excited and have so many new products that we have to spread this out over a couple of days!!!

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