Square Pillow "Love is a Sugar Faced Weimaraner" Premium

Posted by Nancy Morrison on

We at Overland Dog love ALL dogs!  We have a variety of products with our own designs, for your breed!  Follow the link to take a look at our "Weimaraner" products.


I'm sure you have taken note (by now) that we are absolutely "in love" with the Vizsla breed!  We currently have one Vizsla, Oliver, who is 11 years young, and we have always had Vizslas.  You will see our very own Vizzies in our Vizsla designs.  You will see Tucker and Bodi (both have passed, but always in our hearts) and Olivier on our designs! 

Again... we love ALL dogs!  Please let us know what breed you would like to see on our products! 

Thank you for tuning in!


Nancy - Overland Dog - "Covering the World One Paw at a Time"



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