WHAT kind of dog is that? ... A WHAT?

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As owners of these beautiful beasts that we have chosen to spend our lives with, we enjoy spending every moment with them - taking them out with us, and - frankly - showing them off.

Funny Vizsla Names Drink MugAs with anything beautiful and unusual, there are constant questions as to what kind of dog we have, and then a usual "A WHAT?". Quite often we also get the way over informed person who insists on telling us the "correct" way to pronounce our pups breed - from "Visalia", to the quick look at their child and the very confident "Oh, that's a red Dobie, they just didn't crop his ears".

He's/She's Not A What! Drink Mug



We celebrate these little moments with our perfectly warm and wonderful mugs, from the simple "He's not a what, he's a Vizsla" to the playful run of unusual variations on their names, you can't miss with these mugs to warm your days and nights.

We take it all in stride, knowing that we have a little secret that we don't always want the world to be a part of, Simply put - "A Vizsla is not for everyone, and everyone is not for a Vizsla", we don't own them, we share each others lives.


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